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    Guide, Inform and Welcome Everyone with Wayfinding, Directional and ADA Signs!


    COVID-19 Update: One result of the COVID-19 crisis is that social distancing and hygiene best practices will no longer be just an afterthought. Instead, every customer and employee who walks through your doors will expect clear wayfinding signage directing them to nearby hand sanitizer stations, enforcing one-way foot traffic and reminding them to keep six feet apart. Don’t wait to update your wayfinding signage. Contact us today or click the button below to learn more about our COVID-19 sign solutions.

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    There are several important reasons to equip your building’s interior, parking lot and grounds with regulatory, wayfinding and ADA-compliant signage:

    • When visitors can find their way easily through your facility, they’ll become less frustrated and more satisfied with their experience. Of course, for store and restaurant owners, well-positioned wayfinding signage can often mean the difference between a one-time visitor and a repeat customer!
    • Most interior spaces are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act and its standards for ADA signage. If you ignore the law’s many rules, you could be assessed a substantial penalty. Fines can reach as high as $50,000 in some (rare) instances for first-time offenders!
    • Of course, it’s good citizenship to welcome those who are blind or have visual impairments with ADA braille signs. It’s good business, too! Visitors and customers will look favorably on retailers, dining establishments and others that welcome them with ample signage that adheres to ADA guidelines.

    Wayfinding Signage: A Closer Look

    wayfinding post and panel sign
    Simply put, wayfinding as practiced by Signs Now and others is about:

    • Knowing where you are in a building or an environment.
    • Learning where your desired destination is.
    • Finding out how to get there from your current location.

    “Where’s the entrance?” “How do I get to the County Clerk’s office?” “What floor is the Smith Company on?” “Where’s the check-out lane?” These are but a few of the questions that good wayfinding signage will answer for visitors or customers … without the need to stop and ask someone!

    Most — but not all — wayfinding solutions involve signage. Sometimes colors or a special graphic theme may distinguish the Biology Department from the Math Department, for example, but most often it’s signage that does the primary job. And, that’s where a full-service signage resource like Signs Now  proves its worth. We have directional and informational signs for every application and budget, not to mention full color graphic capabilities!

    Apply our wayfinding solutions to interior and exterior projects, whether permanent or temporary. In addition to buildings and grounds, directional signage from Signs Now  is ideal for guiding visitors to trade shows, grand openings, charity runs, parades, downtown days and other special events.

    Whether needed inside or outside, long-term or short-term, our wayfinding signage solutions include:

    ADA-Compliant Signs: A Closer Look

    Featuring high-contrast tactile and braille characters for easy readability – with additional pictograms in some cases – ADA-compliant signage solutions from Signs Now  meet government requirements for ADA signs in permanent rooms and spaces. It’s likely your store, restaurant, office, municipal building, apartment complex, mall, stadium or other public space will need:

    • ADA elevator signs
    • ADA exit signs
    • ADA office signs
    • ADA restroom signs
    • ADA room and floor numbers or letters
    • ADA stairwell signs

    The truth is, ADA signs are required almost everywhere. You’ll need ADA-compliant signs for offices, lunchrooms, lobbies and even closets! About the only exclusions from Americans with Disabilities Act signage requirements are building addresses, directories, parking signs and temporary signs to be used for seven days or less.

    With Signs Now , you’ll select from two basic types of ADA-compliant signs. Our standard, off-the-shelf ADA signage is the value choice for manufacturing plants, distribution centers and the like. Alternately, we can individualize your ADA signs with your logo, company colors and graphics. These custom ADA signage solutions from Signs Now can accent your interior décor, support your corporate branding — or both!

    Ready to Begin Benefiting from Affordable Wayfinding And ADA-Compliant Signs? See Signs Now !

    Whether it’s a simple, one-time graphic or an entire project’s worth of signage and displays, count on Signs Now . We “bring to the table” not only creative ideas but also experience on how to get your job done on target, on time and on budget. That includes it all — from measurement and design to expert installation. Of course, it all begins with a free consultation. Let’s sit down soon to discuss your needs and review our solutions. Call or visit today.

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