SignageKings wayfinding signage is bright and eye catching – perfect for both pedestrians and motorists. Wayfinding signs are usually directional and have some indication such as an arrow or other symbol to guide toward the place of interest. They can also re-inforce brand recognition or carry simple messaging.

    Interior wayfinding signs are designed to help people find their way to a location or point of reference.


    We design directional signage for single, small-scale applications right up to grand, multi-location signage for events, festivals and shopping malls to direct the general flow of high volumes of people. We have an extensive range of wayfinding solutions available in various formats and materials.


    From simply fixed wall signs to changeable slat systems and fingerpost signs, we’ll ensure your premises are easy to navigate for your staff and visitors.

    – Panels and lecterns

    – Projecting wall mounted sign

    – Secure directory signs

    – Internal post and wall-mounted signs

    – Bespoke interpretation

    – Monolith signs

    – Fingerpost signs

    – Aluminium panel and post signs


    Directional signage can also be used in the form of a low-cost temporary solution for events and work functions. Many contemporary buildings use modern finger posting to signpost different areas and departments.


    Institutes such as hospitals and college campuses use large multifaceted wayfinding signage to help guide visitors to a whole host of different departments, buildings and sites. We design these with your branding in mind and can make them fully interchangeable so they can be altered and changed as often as needed.


    All of our directional and wayfinding signage can be illuminated and we encourage clients to show us examples of signage that stands out to them so we can design and manufacture signage perfect for your business and brand. Our wayfinding signage can also be suspended as a hanging solution.


    With experience we can find the solutions for your requirements to fit your budget. Using the latest in green printing technologies we can produce any signage or graphic requirements to the highest standard but also in a very green way. Whatever the size of project we can help you out with:

    – Quality assured in our materials.
    – High standard of quality throughout service.
    – Fully trained installers.
    – Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.
    – Wide range of graphic solutions.
    – Dedicated project manager and team.
    – Continuous customer relationship.
    – Skilled knowledge and advice from experience