Monoliths or totem signs are freestanding structures that can be constructed in many different materials and can be illuminated to increase their impact. The use of monolith signs guarantees maximum visual impact for your business and presents important brand and business information which can be seen from the road.

    External monoliths are designed to catch the eye and project company branding as strong, verticle signage that is visible from a distance. Monolith sign systems are used as prominent brand markers and wayfinding solutions that can emphasise an entranceway or identify a building from the roadside.


    Our monolith signs can be a single-sided, double-sided, flat, curved, triangle or if you want something completely bespoke, we can work with you to put in place the perfect design. There is no limit to the size of the totem signs we can manufacture.


    Illuminated totem signs have an extra impact and the added benefit of being visible both day and night – perfect for hotels, leisure centres and shopping precincts.


    When a monolith is erected it is important that it is able to withstand general weathering and potential abuse from vandalism. All of our monoliths conform to industry installation standards and are always made from the most appropriate materials for the job.


    With experience we can find the solutions for your requirements to fit your budget. Using the latest in green printing technologies we can produce any signage or graphic requirements to the highest standard but also in a very green way. Whatever the size of project we can help you out with:

    – Quality assured in our materials.
    – High standard of quality throughout service.
    – Fully trained installers.
    – Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.
    – Wide range of graphic solutions.
    – Dedicated project manager and team.
    – Continuous customer relationship.
    – Skilled knowledge and advice from experience