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We can supply a full range of exhibition accessories including lighting, spare components and replacement graphics for each of our product ranges. If you’re looking to revive your existing display systems then get in touch today!


If the constant construction and folding away of your exhibition stand brings wear and tear and you find a piece broken, never fear – we stock a large range of exhibition accessories and parts that can save you from having to purchase brand new replacements.

Take a look at our online exhibition catalog to see our exhibition range and even if you are looking for something that isn’t there, we work with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers from across the world and can order any number of rare spare parts for our customers.

It might be that you are already happy with your exhibition stand and you want to extend its functionality or brighten it up with new lighting, we can work with you in upgrading your exhibition display with accessories that match and enhance your offering.



Design Services
With experienced design orientated sign makers on all of our teams, we use their skills and knowledge to ensure that your signage best suits your needs and communicates a strong message.
As a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs, we combine all of our expertise under our project management umbrella. We will work with your suppliers, make sure that deadlines are met.
Corporate branding is a unique and valued asset – getting the branding right is essential. Signagekings knows how important first impressions are to any business.
We think about your audience and can suggest the best form of signage based on your desired outcome and work alongside you to achieve the goals you are looking for. Set us the challenge and we can come up with the ideal solution.
Site Survey
At Signagekings, we take pride in delivering the best work and therefore in most cases we will offer a free site survey where we will be able to assess the best solution for your needs with accurate measuring and detailed specifications.
Signagekingsonly selects the best-suited materials and fixings, as well as conducting comprehensive site surveys where appropriate to advise on the best placement and fitting.

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